Our Values

SUDEL Industries (SUDEL) was established in 1991 in Whyalla providing industrial instrumentation and control systems, primarily supporting regional mining and steelworks activity.

Our reputation for effective project management and capacity to deliver high quality outcomes resulted in clients requesting SUDEL expand its capabilities into electrical and communication systems, with customers particularly interested in further multidisciplinary services.

Precision on any Scale

Our 30+ year history in control systems, instrumentation and calibration has created a culture within the business of ensuring precision and high quality work outcomes.

From routine calibration services through to project-based electrical and control systems installation and commissioning, service and maintenance, our philosophy is to ensure that the job gets done, and gets done right.

Accurately, precisely and to your specification.

Engaging the right People

We place value on the recruitment and retention of high-calibre technicians who share SUDEL’s corporate values; meeting technical service competency requirements at a minimum, and offering higher level qualifications.

Our technicians have extensive knowledge of industrial and process applications, with qualifications in:

  • Instrumentation and Control Systems - our technicians are all fully qualified to Cert III Level
  • Electrical and Data Communications Systems
  • Type B Gas Installation
  • Electrical Drafting
  • Hazardous Area Installation (EEHA)

In addition, all site supervisors have undertaken external frontline management training.

We are committed to the ongoing training and development of our employees, with active programs in place to ensure the delivery of technical and customer service excellence.

Investing in specialised Equipment, Systems and Tools

We work to ensure our investment profile matches the level of investment typically seen in our customer plant and equipment.

SUDEL invests heavily in the maintenance of a full range of calibration test equipment to support our field calibration services. Our specialised test equipment is designed to deliver services across a broad range of industries; from industrial plant and manufacturing, through to a healthcare and hospital setting.

Our calibration services are supported by an online management system, ProCalV5, enabling customers to effectively manage their electrical and instrumentation test asset maintenance and testing.

We maintain fully equipped service vehicles to support minor service repairs, as well as dedicated, instrument and electrical workshops in all of our service locations to handle any maintenance requirement.

Sound Project Management Principles

SUDEL applies a disciplined approach to the execution and management of customer projects to ensure ‘best fit’ – based on plant requirements, budget, and constructability.

We don’t choose to narrowly define our services. Instead, we work with our customers to put in place the necessary processes and steps to get the job done. Whether this means offering services outside of our ‘normal’ business, managing specialised subcontractors, or developing alliance relationships with R&D providers, we work flexibly to ensure the right solution is delivered.

We work with design engineers, both internal and external, to deliver projects ‘on the ground’.

Building on our Track Record

We understand that each and every project and service that we deliver continues to cement our reputation of over 30+ years’ as a company that delivers high quality outcomes.

With SUDEL, you are in ‘safe hands’.

Supporting our Communities

We are active in the communities in which we work. SUDEL locations are situated to support regional and remote area work. We are involved in a number of industry associations, and support sponsorships and donations to local community groups, sporting associations and charitable foundations.

Multicultural and indigenous inclusion

SUDEL aims to provide a culturally safe workplace respecting diversity and people from a multiplicity of cultures.

We support and value the contribution our Indigenous employees make to SUDEL. Being sensitive to cultural differences is vital for everyone who works with us. This understanding helps us develop and improve our policies and programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We also work to build good relationships, respect, and opportunities for all our employees. SUDEL staff are encouraged to learn about and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture, and identity during their employment.




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