Food & Beverage

SUDEL has a long history servicing the requirements of food and beverage processors, delivering services across our entire capability base, including project execution, calibration, service and maintenance.

SUDEL is fully versed in the unique requirements of food and beverage processing working in accordance with risk management, food safety regulations (Safe Food Australia and HACCP) and quality management objectives. SUDEL employs the most effective and efficient techniques for a given process environment to ensure ongoing operations without compromising the quality of our clients’ product. Importantly, our technicians are trained to work in clean room environments.

We work with a number of diverse food and beverage processors, providing installation of new systems and equipment, and delivering instrument calibration and maintenance services.

SUDEL has been involved in the:

  • Calibration of test equipment measuring temperature, pressure and flow
  • Setup of test instrumentation to monitor discharge of waste in accordance with state water regulations
  • Equipment upgrades and expansion, providing both installation and commissioning services
  • Installation of process control wiring, instruments, control systems and monitoring equipment
  • PLC Programming
  • Software development and modification for DCS
  • Installation of power reticulation systems and communications cabling

SUDEL’s comprehensive approach to project management has seen us take the role of head contractor, managing sub-contractors and trades outside of our normal scope in order to deliver multidisciplinary projects.





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